Vibrational medicine considers matter as a manifestation of energy, human beings are seen as a network of energy fields which interface with physical-cellular systems, and this network is organized and powered by subtle energy structures which connect the life force to the body.  In the strictly holistic perspective, the ailments of the body are not to be separated from those of the soul, in that an individual’s health is solely expressed in the unity of all the forces of which they are comprised.

Rimedi Floreali Italiani (Italian Flower Remedies) and Rimedi di Fonti Italiane (Italian Spring Water Remedies) were developed by Researcher and Naturopath Giovanna Tolio, who was spiritually educated by Dr. Edward Bach, and who characterized the properties of 18 flowers coming from plants that are part of Italian flora, and of 7 sources of spring water found in our country. The preparation of the remedies takes place in our land’s natural surroundings, in the mountains, in the plains or at sea level, directly in the location of the flower harvest and of the spring water sources, far from any pollution sources.  The beneficial energy of our flowers and spring water are analogous to us, and belong to our genetics, and thanks to their particular assonance or harmonic relationship to us, help us to restore the state of natural well-being.

Flos Animi” (from the Latin “flower of the soul”) are flower remedies which effect the conscience or soul as was understood by the Romans, and have been formulated in order to guide the evolution of the  human being, who, especially in this day and time, is subjected to countless forms of stress which inhibit the activation of his or her interior qualities and resources. Read more

Fons Animi” (from the Latin “spring of the soul”) are remedies prepared with spring water and are used to harmonize chakras or energetic vortexes, which are present in living things.  From these remedies, chakras receive vital energy which is transferred to the organs, emotions and thoughts. Read more

Vis Animi” (from the Latin “strength of the soul”) are compound remedies or blends of floral and spring water remedies that are focused on specific problems, that is, they are the response to the request of certain categories of people seeking to satisfy their needs. Read more